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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is one-on-one coaching that is completely personalized and tailored to the client.  We, the coach and client, work together to identify your health and wellness goals and to set a plan in place to achieve them.  The process is client-centered and offers support, mentoring and motivation to reach the next step.

FREE Initial consultations are available to discuss specific options tailored to fit your needs.

Gulf Package (12 sessions)

The Gulf Package offers twelve, 45-minute sessions that can be scheduled once a week or every other week depending on the client's needs and schedule.  The extended sessions are great when we are not sure how or where we need to be to achieve our goal.  Through the coaching process we can lay out a road map that can shed some light and direction on your path to make your goal within reach!  $65/ session

Lagoon Package (6 sessions)

The Lagoon Package offers six, 45-minute sessions.  These sessions can be scheduled once a week or every other week, depending on the client's need and schedule.  You have a goal in mind, and you are ready for change.  We can explore different paths that lead you to your goal and lasting results.  $70/ session

Cove Package (2 sessions)

The Cove Package includes two, 45-minute sessions.  This package is great for those who just want to check in and adjust a goal they are in the process of completing.  It could also be helpful for someone wanting to try out coaching without a commitment and get started on a goal they have in mind.

$75/ session

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